Info about Volumes.


Volumes Light Box Company is Australian owned and operated, producing high-end timber light boxes for both domestic and commercial applications. Each interchangeable light box is crafted with a focus on quality and detail – using premium hardwood timbers and refined components. Volumes strives to explore and support the arts, partnering with emerging and leading artists to deliver a contemporary, fine art framing solution.

Volumes light boxes are a timeless timber framed light box system for displaying photography, printed art work, signage or graphics. Artwork is printed on a transparent film which customers can purchase from our on-line gallery or alternatively upload their own image.


“Volumes Light Box Company was founded on a determination to produce an original product of the finest quality, that supports the arts and encourages self expression. Integrity, refined detail, organic finishes and a minimalist aesthetic are key elements of the Volumes brand experience.”

Sam Thies
Designer / Director


1000 x 750mm – 44w
1200 x 550mm (Panoramic) – 34w
750 x 500mm – 20w
(Sizes based on visible print size)

American oak

UV protected endura-trans film

Energy efficient LED lighting system

Coloured cables:
Ash (Dusty grey), Pumice (Natural), Basalt (Black), Lava (Red), Sulfur (Mustard), Seismograph (Zig zag).


Made in Wulkuraka, Australia.